Water Solutions


Our professional water filtration dispensers are built to last. All units contain Dual Temperature Taps (hot & cold). We will install our unit with a top quality, long lasting filter to maximize removal of odors and impurities to guarantee a safe and refreshing drink every time.

We offer the following types of units:

PLUMBED IN- We install the dispenser using the existing water line.

COUNTERTOP DISPENSER- great for small areas / break rooms

FLOOR STANDING DISPENSER- this is a standing full size unit, a great option for saving valuable counter space.

5 GALLON POUR OVER WATERFALL- Tried and true this is your traditional  old school water dispenser. This is a great option for offices that don’t have a water line set up. We will deliver new bottles and pick up empties based on need. 

Our water filtration service includes the following benefits:

  1. NO CHARGE Installation- Whether you choose a  Plumbed In Dispenser or Pour Over Waterfall we will install the unit and set up the filter line for no charge. 
  2. MONTHLY RENTAL- Our monthly rental is automatically billed to you. If ever you have a problem with the dispenser just give us a call and we will gladly swap it out for a new unit.

**FOR PICS** brand/units we use - Watercourse / Waterways

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