Our Story

Let’s Go Vending is a family owned business born in the San Carlos Bay Area. We provide products, services and equipment to all different types of businesses from small offices to large Bio-Tech corporate offices to schools and airports our team works really hard everyday to earn your business and your trust to be a valued partner. Our core values have proven to be a great foundation for us to ensure that we provide you with the best service and support that you require. 

Our core values are:

CONSISTENCY- LGV is a business that delivers products and installs equipment, we know there are other companies that can do the same, but what you won’t find at those other companies is our level of service and support. We pride ourselves on earning your trust and being a dependable partner by consistently sourcing, delivering and restocking the products you want and need. Simply stated: when you want us, when you need us, we follow through, we show up. 

RELIABILITY- Installing and maintaining clean, reliable working equipment is just as important as the products we deliver. Our equipment is professional grade and built to last. We offer free installation and no rental fees on our coffee equipment and vending machines. Our snack & drink vending machines are deployed with software which allows us to monitor the usage remotely. Let’s Go Vending is licensed and insured and can provide you with COI’s on request.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICE- The products and equipment we deliver may be a commodity but the level of service and support we provide can’t be beat. When you call, we answer. When you email, we reply. From delivery sheets and product list to snack and drink machine plan o grams we provide the products you want, when you want them. Our goal is to make you feel like our one and only customer. 

Let’s Go Vending wants to be a trusted partner in your business. Our team is trained based on these values. Our team cares about you and your business. Our goal is to always get it right the first time and every time thereafter.

Video: What is pantry services?